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Crystalline powder lemon yellow anadrol 50 color with a specific smell. Presence of white crystals and easy break up lumps.The powder was dissolved in 250 ml of hot water to form an opalescent solution is light yellow color with a characteristic lemon aroma.

Crystalline powder orange yellow color and odor. Presence of white crystals and easy break up lumps. The anadrol 50 powder was dissolved in 250 ml of hot water to form an opalescent solution is pale yellow orange color with a characteristic smell.

Crystalline powder raspberry from light pink to dark pink to reddish color and odor. Presence of white crystals and easy break up lumps. The powder was dissolved in 250 ml of hot water anadrol 50 to form an opalescent pink color with a characteristic raspberry smell solution.


Pharmacological properties
Combined drug has antipyretic, vasoconstrictor, analgesic and anti-allergic effect. Paracetamol has anadrol 50 antipyretic and analgesic effect: reduces pain syndrome, observed at “common cold” diseases – sore throat, headache, muscle and joint pain, reduces fever. Pheniramine has anti-allergic effect: eliminates swelling and hyperemia of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity, nasopharynx and sinuses, reduces the runny nose and watery eyes. Phenylephrine anadrol 50 has a vasoconstrictor effect: reduces swelling of nasal mucosa. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) compensates for the increased need for vitamin C in “cold” and flu, especially in the early stages of the disease; It increases the body’s resistance to infectious diseases. The combined effect of pheniramine and phenylephrine reduces nasal congestion and significant relief of nasal breathing.

Symptomatic treatment of “colds” diseases, SARS, influenza, accompanied by high fever, chills, headache, runny nose, pain in the nose, sinuses and throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, and pain in muscles and joints.

: Hypersensitivity to the individual components of the drug, severe hepatic / renal failure, pregnancy, lactation, children’s age (12 years).

Be wary appoint: hypertension, diabetes, angle-closure glaucoma, kidney or liver disease, prostatic hyperplasia, deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

Dosage and administration:
Dissolve the contents of one bag in 1 cup of boiling hot water. Eat hot. You can add sugar to taste.

Repeated dose can be administered every 4 hours (not more than 3 doses per 24 hours).

Influnorm® from the flu and colds can be used at any time of the day, but the best effect brings the drug before going to sleep at night. Unless there is relief of symptoms within 3 days after starting the medication, should consult a doctor.

Side effects
are possible allergic reactions, somnolence, nausea, epigastric pain, dry mouth, paresis of accommodation, irritability, dizziness, increased blood pressure, disturbance of sleep, urinary retention, rarely anemia.

Overdosing Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain; hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic effects, in severe cases, develops liver failure, encephalopathy and coma.

Treatment: should be gastric lavage, take activated charcoal and consult a doctor.

Interactions with other medicinal products
is recommended to refrain from taking the medication when taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors. The risk of hepatotoxic action of paracetamol is increased with concomitant administration of barbiturates, diphenylhydantoin, carbamazepine, rifampicin, zidovudine, and other inducers of microsomal liver enzymes. Antidepressants, antiparkinsonian and antipsychotic drugs, phenothiazine derivatives increase the risk of urinary retention, dry mouth, constipation.

Decreases hypotensive effect of guanethidine, which in turn enhances alfa-adrenostimuliruyuschee Activity phenylephrine.

To avoid liver toxicity of paracetamol should not be combined with the reception of alcoholic beverages, as well as to make people prone to chronic alcohol consumption.

The risk of liver damage increases in patients with alcoholic hepatosis.

In the case of receiving patients the drug, diabetes mellitus, or located on a diet with a low sugar content, it should be noted that in each bag contains 13 grams of sugar, which corresponds to 1.0 XE.

During treatment is not recommended anadrol 50 to drive a car or other mechanisms that require high concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions.

Do not use the preparation of the damaged bags.

Product form
Powder for oral solution (lemon, orange, raspberry) ’15

At 15.0 grams of the drug in heat-sealable bags of composite material. In 5 or 10 packs together with instructions for use placed in a pile of cardboard.

In a dry, dark place at a temperature no higher than 30 ° C.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life
2 years. Do not use beyond the expiration date.

Conditions of supply of pharmacies
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