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anadrol cycle

in acute viral hepatitis anadrol cycle – moderate and severe forms of jaundice in the early period before the 5th day of jaundice (at a later date the appointment of the drug is less effective anadrol cycle -P is not effective in developing hepatic coma and cholestatic disease course);lingering in acute hepatitis B, chronic active hepatitis B and D without evidence of cirrhosis and primary cirrhosis;viral (influenza, adenovirus, enterovirus, herpes, mumps), viral-bacterial and mycoplasma meningoencephalitis. Application anadrol cycle -P most effectively in the first 4 days of the disease;with stromal keratitis and keratoiridocyklites;at stage IV kidney cancer, hairy cell leukemia, malignant skin lymphoma (mycosis fungoides, primary reticulosis), Kaposi’s sarcoma, basal cell skin cancers and ploskokletbchnom, keratoacanthoma, chronic myeloid leukemia, anadrol cycle subleukemic myelosis, essential thrombocytopenia;in multiple sclerosis.

Interal ® -P is used in the treatment of children :

  • acute lymphoblastic leukemia in remission after induction chemotherapy (4-5 months of remission);
  • for respiratory papillomatosis of the larynx, starting from the day after the removal of warts.

Contraindications :
Severe allergic diseases; pregnancy.

Dosage and administration :
Interal ® -P is applied intramuscularly in the center or at the lesion, subkonyunktivalno. Immediately prior anadrol cycle to use the contents of the ampoules are dissolved in water for injection (1 ml when administered intramuscularly administered and in focus, while 5 ml subconjunctival administration). Dissolution time is not more than 3 minutes.
A solution of the drug must be transparent, without foreign inclusions.
Single drug must not be stored. Intramuscular administration In acute hepatitis B Interal ® -P introduced by 1 million ME 2 times a day for 5-6 days, then dose was reduced to 1 million per day and ME is administered for a further 5 days. If necessary (after controlling biochemical studies of blood) treatment can be continued for 1 million ME 2 times a week for 2 weeks. Heading dose of 15-21 million ME. When prolonged acute and chronic active hepatitis in the exclusion of delta infection and without cirrhosis Interal ® -P administered at 1 million ME 2 times per week for 1-2 months. In the absence of the effect of treatment extended to 3-6 months or after 1-2 months of treatment to conduct similar 2-3 courses with an interval 1-6 months. In chronic active hepatitis D without cirrhosis drug is administered by 500 thousand -1,000,000 ME 2 times per day in a week for one month. Repeated treatment after 1-6 months. In cases of chronic active hepatitis B  anadrol cycle and D with signs of liver cirrhosis 250-500 thousand per day ME 2 times a week for one month. If signs of decompensation conduct similar refresher courses at intervals of not less than 2 months. In cancer, kidney Interal ® -P is used by 3 million ME daily for 10 days. Repeated courses of treatment (3-9 or more) is carried out at intervals of 3 weeks. Total amount of the preparation is from 120 million to 300 million ME ME or more. When hairy-cell leukemia Interal ® -P administered daily for 36 million ME for 2 months. After normalization of the hemogram daily dose Interal ® -P reduced to 1-2 million ME. Then at prescribed maintenance therapy 3 ME 2 million times a week for 6-7 weeks. The total amount of drug is ME 420-600 million or more. In acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children after remission induction chemotherapy (4-5 months of remission) by 1 ME 1 million times per week for 6 months, and then once in 1 2 weeks for 24 months. at the same time carry out maintenance chemotherapy. in chronic myeloid leukemia 3 million daily ME or ME 6 million a day. Duration of treatment from 10 weeks to 6 months. When gisteotsitoze-X 3 million ME daily for 1 month. Repeated courses with 1-2-month intervals for 1-3 years. When subleukemic myelosis and essential thrombocytopenia correction hyperthrombocytosis 1 million ME daily or every other day for 1 to 20 days. When malignant lymphomas and Kaposi’s sarcoma Interal ® -P introduced ME for 3 million per day every day for 10 days in combination with cytostatics (prospidin, cyclophosphamide) and glucocorticosteroids. When tumor stage mycosis fungoides and retikulosarkomatoze advisable to alternate intramuscular Interal ® -P 3 million intralesional ME and ME 2 million within 10 days. Patients eritrodermicheskoy stage mycosis fungoides when the temperature rises over 39 ° C, and in the case of aggravation of the process of administration of the drug should be discontinued. With insufficient therapeutic effect after 10-14 days appoint a second course of treatment.After reaching a clinical effect on maintenance therapy administered 3 million ME 1 time per week for 6-7 weeks. At laryngeal papillomatosis respiratory preparation administered ME 100-150 thousand per 1 kg of body weight daily for 45-50 days, and then in that same dosage three times a week for one month. The second and third courses are held at intervals of 2-6 months. In multiple sclerosis Interal ® -P appoint 1 million ME: pyramidal syndrome at 3 times a day, with cerebellar syndrome 1-2 times a day for 10 days followed by administration ME by 1 million times 1 per week for 5-6 months. The total amount of the drug is 50-60 million, the ME. In patients with high pyrogenic reaction (39 ° C and above) the introduction Interal ® -P recommended simultaneous application of indomethacin. Perifocal administration . When basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma, keratoacanthoma Interal ® -P injected under the lesion 1 million ME 1 times a day every day for 10 days. In the case of pronounced local inflammatory reactions by administering anadrol cycle to the lesion is carried out in 1-2 days. On completion of the course, if necessary, carry out cryotherapy. Subconjunctival administration . If stromal keratitis and keratoiridocyklites appoint subconjunctival injection Interal ® -P at a dose of 60 thousand ME in a volume of 0.5 ml daily or every other day depending on the severity of the process. Injection is performed under a local anesthetic tetracaine 0.5% solution. Treatment for 15 to 25 injections.

Side effects :
For parenteral administration of the drug Interal ® may be chills, fever, fatigue, skin rashes and itching, as well as leuko- and thrombocytopenia, in the case of the last 2-3 times a week is necessary to conduct a blood test -P. When injecting the lesion – a local inflammatory response. These side effects usually are not an obstacle to the continued application of Interal ® -P.
In stark expressed local and systemic adverse reactions to the introduction of Interal ® -P should be discontinued.

Interaction with other drugs :
Not revealed.

Product form :
lyophilisates for solution anadrol cycle for injection, 0.5 million ME, ME 1.0 million, 3.0 million, ME, ME 5.0 million in glass ampoules 5 vials in contour cellular packaging tape. Each package in a carton box with instructions for use.

Storage and transportation conditions :
. List B. The temperature of 2 to 10 ° C, in accordance with the joint venture
Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life :
. 2 years
Do not use after the expiry date.

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