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The pharmacological effect in anadrol pills chronic amebiasis is achieved through synergy of action amebitsidnogo 3 antiseptic substances that make up  . The drug acts in the lumen of the intestine and is used for the treatment of intestinal amebiasis.
does not disturb the balance of normal intestinal microflora.
Peak plasma concentration anadrol pills after administration of the capsules is observed after 3-4 hours. The half-life time of about 10 hours. Maximum excretion determined after 12-24 hours. All drug appears after 48 hours.
At the oral administration of the drug the degree of absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is not great, that allows you to maintain an effective concentration in the intestinal lumen.
The metabolism of the drug anadrol pills is carried out in several ways:


  • entry into the blood from the intestine after absorption
  • transformation in the intestine, after partial absorption and excretion,
  • admission to the intestine without absorption and excretion with the intestinal contents.Indications
    intestinal amebiasis in adults:
  • in the complex therapy with tissue amebitsidami,
  • monotherapy asymptomatic cases diagnosed amebiasisContraindications
    Individual hypersensitivity to the drug

    hepatic impairment

    Dosage and administration Dosage: 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening for 10 days. How to use: Inside. Take the capsules whole, preferably at the beginning of eating, drinking plenty of water.

    Side effects:
    Rarely there may be skin reactions, such as urticaria, angioedema, and persistent erythema pigmented.
    Very rarely, in cases of long-term use of the drug may experience transient peripheral neuropathy anadrol pills and disorders of the optic nerve.
    Rarely while taking the drug may increase the content of transaminases.

    Interaction with other drugs
    The drug should not be administered concurrently with drugs containing hydroxyquinolines.

    With increasing levels of transaminases, especially during liver failure, should stop drug treatment.
    Prolonged use Intetriks ® is inappropriate because the risk of peripheral neuropathy.
    In conducting animal studies terratogenny effect is not detected. At the moment there is not enough data to assess the potential risk of congenital malformations or foetotoxic effect of the drug in the appointment during pregnancy. Studies of the drug effect on lactation in animals have not been conducted.
    Therefore, the use of Intetriks ® during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not desirable. In the presence of recurrent miscarriage use of the drug is not recommended, as this condition requires careful monitoring and a well-planned pre-natal monitoring.

    If overdose is necessary to monitor the activity of serum transaminases and – prothrombin level.

    Product form
    of 10, 20 capsules in a blister made of PVC film and aluminum foil.
    In 1 or 2 blisters with instruction on use is placed in a carton pack.

    Storage conditions:
    The temperature is not above 25 ° C, out of reach of children.

    Shelf life
    3 years.
    Do not use after the expiration anadrol pills date printed on the package.

    Conditions of supply of pharmacies
    on medical prescription.

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